communism for children 2

There’s a Book about Communism for Kids Coming Soon (Hopefully)

If you’re anything like me – you probably stay up at night figuring out new ways to corrupt America’s youth.

How do I get teenagers to stop buying iPads and start fomenting class revolution, and more importantly, how do I make my friend’s toddler throw off the ideological shackles thrown upon them by Dora the Explorer everyday from 11:30 AM to noon?

zizek cat

Cats are Bourgeois Scum, and Other Things I Learned from Zizek’s Live Chat

Today, The Guardian hosted a "live" webchat with Slavoj Zizek, cultural critic extraordinaire. The Guardian encouraged participants to post their questions the day before, from which Zizek would respond to a handful today. Whereas my pressing, thoughtful questions (including "boxers or briefs?" and whether or not he was a CIA agent) went woefully ignored, he … Continue Reading ››

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