“You Cannot Escape Your Country,” James Baldwin, a 1984 Interview

Can people of color, or more specifically, people in urban African-American communities, salvage anything from America? Do we now live in two Americas, in diametric opposition, too far away to bridge the enormous economic and political divide, or maybe have we always? When confronted with images of rioting in Baltimore, and the subsequent militarized police to … Continue Reading ››

Sam Harris Awkwardly Debates with Noam Chomsky

Sam Harris, the New Atheist philosopher who, with his colleagues, managed to artfully package trendy atheism with old-school Islamophobic bigotry is now trying to publicly debate anarchist intellectual Noam Chomsky. The topic at hand: is the United States as evil as Islamic terrorism? Harris, for his part, has previously criticized Chomsky's argument that the United States … Continue Reading ››

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