ludlow and leiter

Philosophy Prof. Gets Slammed by Feminists on Rape Definition

Philosophy and law professor Brian Leiter has drawn the ire of feminists after suggesting that "rape" and "sexual assault" are two distinct offenses, both legally and morally. Leiter's comments arose after a court dismissed another philosopher's defamation lawsuit against a newspaper, arguing that the word "rape" was acceptable in lieu of "sexual assault." The case concerned … Continue Reading ››
rick roderick

Ubermensch-Wagons at the Burger King: How Rick Roderick Democratized My Notion of Philosophy

I first came across Rick Roderick’s lecture series, Self Under Siege—Philosophy in the 20th Century, at the end of a long, disillusioning study session in graduate school. YouTube’s thumbnail image of the bearded, drably attired man crouching over a rigid dais suggested a mild tedium wildly incommensurate with the actual experience of watching the video. Rather than the lucid, studied intensity and sublime hilarity Roderick enacted in his talk, I expected something dryly informative that might compensate for the unwarranted neglect of proper book-learning I had assumed…

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