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What is an Economic Crisis?

goes undisputed – from newsrooms to academia to the world’s living rooms – that there has recently been a major global economic crisis. In fact, according to some, the economic crisis is not even finished; for others we are suffering from its after-effects; among still others – with startling Panglossian assurance – the whole thing has been one great opportunity. Despite the apparent consensus, however, it remains difficult to pin down what exactly an economic crisis is.

Marxist Craigslist Personal Seeks Degenerate Trotskyite [NSFW]

I’ve never been one to seek romance on Craigslist, but if I did, it’s probably a good idea to invent weirdly specific scenarios about inter-Marxist philosophical conflicts. After reading this San Francisco personal seeking a “degenerate Trotskyite,” anarchist, or revisionist Communist Party member, I’m a bit inspired. Perhaps, “Deleuzian seeks raging Lacanian to make an Oedipal triangle? “