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What Makes a Good Book? Kafka’s Letters to a Friend

Reading letters of long-dead thinkers is always a fascinating journey. The literary prowess employed in private conversations with friends may uncomfortably remind many that the last text conversation with their significant other contained 13 emoticons and 3 insincere cases of “lol.” On the other hand, you’d probably quickly tire of unsolicited existential musings via text message.

9 Insane Stories from The Lives of Famous Existentialists

Existentialism is a field of philosophy that grapples with human existence and flourished in post-war Europe in the 1940s and 1950s.

Of course, these thinkers of human existence were also dealing with their own. Namely, that their lives were a bizarre shit-storm of mental breakdowns, drug-induced genius and tremendous backlash from the societies they lived in.