The Ultimate Critical Theory Gift Guide


Graphic Guides to Philosophy

Graphic Guide to philosophy
Via Amazon (Foucault, Wittgenstein, Lacan and Continental Philosophy)

Red Rosa

red rosa graphic novel

A graphic novel about the life and activism of Rosa Luxemburg.

Via Verso.

Communist Manifesto Comic

communist manifesto comic
Via Amazon.


Speaking of Kafka, Kafka for Kids!

my first kafka

Via Amazon.

Baby’s First Philosophy Book

Baby's First Philosophy

Be sure to also pepper in words like “ontology” and “epistemology” into your baby talk.

Via Etsy.

A Subscription to Jacobin Magazine

Jacobin_fall_2013_coverJacobin Magazine is a phenomenal magazine dedicated to socialist politics.

Via Jacobin.

Marx’s Capital in Manga

capital manga
Via Amazon.

  • mitbong

    good clean livin

  • Noah Sans Ark

    one more for the road… only 29€

  • Czar Donic

    This is too good for birds.

  • Bobby Brown

    Hey, let’s compile a list of consumerist trinkets and dumbed-down philosophy items, like comic books, with links to the great evil corporation known as amazon, that have to do with anticapitalism, but hey, wait, LET’S BE SELF-CONSCIOUS ABOUT IT!!

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  • Linda Q

    Well, this is a list to enjoy!

  • Darius

    This is funny shit. You guys amuse me even though I am not a huge fan of neomarxism.

  • Claire Pickard

    Here I am trying to do research on the relationship of “the gift” to Marx’s theory of credit, and ALL I CAN FIND IS THIS F***ING GIFT GUIDE. Who knew that would prevent me from doing research on actual critical theory?

    • Critical Theory

      Mission accomplished.

  • This is genius!