The Ultimate Critical Theory Gift Guide


Gilles Deleuze Figurine

gilles deleuze figurine

This Etsy store also includes other philosophers like Nietzsche, Marx and Artaud, to name a few.

Via Etsy.

The Entirety of Plato’s Republic on One Poster

plato republic posterThese beautiful posters which manage to fit the entire texts of classic books on posters, totes and shirts.

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Machiavelli’s The Prince Poster

the prince posterVia Litograph.

Nietzsche’s Beyond Good & Evil Poster

beyond good and evil posterVia Litographs.

Mad Marx Poster (Existential Comics)

mad marx print

Other prints and T-Shirts are available at the Existential Comics store.

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Nietzsche Superman Poster

nietzsche superman poster
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Weird Ass Zizek Painting

slavoj zizek painting

I am deeply disturbed by this, and thought others might want to deeply disturb someone close to them.

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Anti-Oedipus Prints

We’re kind of obsessed with this guy who illustrates Anti-Oedipus chapter by chapter, and you can commission him to get your own personal print. god is a lobster

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Jean-Paul Sartre Poster

sartre poster two Text: “According to Jean-Paul Sartre, “Hell is other people,” Which is why we don’t invite him round to dinner anymore.

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Simone de Beauvoir Poster

simone de beauvoir poster 2

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Feminist Marxist Cross-Stitch

feminist marxist cross-stitch
This item was featured on our gift guide last year, to which the maker wanted to share this kind words:

“Dear brothers and sisters in the class war,

I Love this list. I nearly spat middle-class coffee all over my lap when I saw that Kropotkin tshirt. Fortunately my biscotti is intact. Thanks for adding my Marxist Milkshakes cross-stitch pattern.



Via Etsy.

Mary Wollstonecat Print

mary wollstonecatVia Etsy.

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    good clean livin

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    one more for the road… only 29€

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    This is too good for birds.

  • Bobby Brown

    Hey, let’s compile a list of consumerist trinkets and dumbed-down philosophy items, like comic books, with links to the great evil corporation known as amazon, that have to do with anticapitalism, but hey, wait, LET’S BE SELF-CONSCIOUS ABOUT IT!!

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  • Linda Q

    Well, this is a list to enjoy!

  • Darius

    This is funny shit. You guys amuse me even though I am not a huge fan of neomarxism.

  • Claire Pickard

    Here I am trying to do research on the relationship of “the gift” to Marx’s theory of credit, and ALL I CAN FIND IS THIS F***ING GIFT GUIDE. Who knew that would prevent me from doing research on actual critical theory?

    • Critical Theory

      Mission accomplished.

  • This is genius!