March Madness: The Overrated Philosophers Bracket

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Update: The first round is over, check out the round of 32 here

March Madness is a special time of the year for sports fan, as 68 of the best college basketball teams go head to head for 3 weeks in one of the world’s last bastions of legally sanctioned slavery. While the NCAA’s March Madness tournament will pull in over $1 billion in ad revenue, fellow philosophers and mal-adjusted intellectual types will mostly look on as confusion as frat boys yell and scream at barroom televisions.

In the spirit of March Madness, we present our own bracket, to determine once and for all who is the most overrated philosopher. It’s like the opposite of a regular bracket, because when philosophers win, they lose.

Please note, inclusion on the initial match-ups are not indicative of which philosophers are, in fact, overrated. That is for democracy to decide.

So how does it work? Below are all the initial pair-ups. You vote, and the winners make it to the next round of competition. At the end, we will hopefully have discovered who is the most overrated philosopher of all.