Slavoj Zizek, Julian Assange, and David Horowitz Walk Into a Bar – Just Kidding, This is Real

This video isn’t new, but it somehow slipped under the Critical-Theory radar. Featuring self-professed communist Slavoj Zizek, activist and libertarian Julian Assange, and lefty-turned-conservative crazy person David Horowitz, the 3 sit down to discuss politics. The debate ends with a lot of yelling on the part of Slavoj, Julian Assange physically restraining him at one point and at times weirdly agreeing with Horowitz.

Horowitz is interesting to say the least. Heavily involved with the New Left and the Black Panthers, he eventually cut his ties until re-emerging as a racist douchebag 10 years later. Now he spends most of his days comparing Palestinians to Nazis and calling the university a leftist conspiracy to brainwash our kids.

Moments of hilarity: Horowitz tries to claim any analysis of Barack Obama’s past will prove he’s a communist. Zizek, in response, notes that he doesn’t care about people’s origins, that Stalin’s origin was that of a religious boy who wrote poems – Zizek knows this because he owns some of them.

Horowitiz also argues that he has to bring bodyguards when he speaks at university’s, proof of some sort of fascist leftism. Zizek pulls his street cred, exclaiming that he is “the only guy in this room to be physically assaulted” by right wingers for being communist and by communists for being a “traitor to nationalists.”

Zizek also tries to team up with Horowitz to purge Assange, who is the only liberal in the room.

I also made this GIF of Zizek yelling. Help me caption it in the comments.