The Round of 32: The Overrated Philosophers Bracket Advances

philosophy bracket 32
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Update: The next round has begun. Check out the Bitter 16 here

Earlier this week, we unveiled a March Madness bracket that every philosophy nerd could get behind. The competition was tough among the 64 competitors. There was some philosophical face crushing – Noam Chomsky beat fellow anarchist Peter Kropotkin by 1,200 votes – and some matches were tragically close: Rousseau beat Mill by 10 votes, Nietzsche beat Schopenhauer by 47, Sartre also beat Heidegger by 47 votes.

We now present the round of 32. There are some interesting pairings: Michael Hardt goes head to head with his colleague Antonio Negri, Derrida is set against Baudrillard and Zizek and Lacan battle it out for the title of the most overrated psychoanalyst. Vote below, and check out the previous results here.

  • BabylonZeitgeist

    I’ve never understood why people enjoy brackets but now I do. 28 predictions right, 4 wrong, not a bad start.

    • Connor Syrewicz

      Herd mentality :]

  • Regressive Goosesteppers

    Noam Chomsky, the perennial statist who never met a totalitarian Socialist regime or genocide he didn’t love, an “Anarchist”. Cute.

    • ChrisU

      sour grapes. boo hoo.

    • Lol.

    • Connor Syrewicz

      I never realized that Karl Marx was personally responsible for all of that! And thank you for offering such a new and powerful point-of-view! And not just regurgitating the same anti-communist, anti-Marxist narrative that has been circulating in America for so man years that I am tempted to jump on it’s lap and play with the moles growing on its elbows! I really appreciate that you visited a, generally, pro-Marxist website and didn’t do that! Thanks!

    • Mikh Bakunin

      Your definitely not an intellectual…

  • progressive goosesteppers

    noooo… you MUST take it seriously! come on, what are you, a nihilist?!

  • Danny

    I’m calling finals Nietzsche vs. Chomsky, Chomsky takes it for the win.

  • Connor Syrewicz

    I am going to be sad if Adam Smith or Aquinas or Plato wins. That’s like playing football with your family and tackling grandma. (Or, in the case of Adam Smith, tackling your physically and mentally retarded cousin.)

  • I tend to pull for the underdog. Cheering for Terry Eagleton.

    But how did Ayn Rand not even make it into the competition?

  • KoalaPickle

    Though I love Nietzsche, he should win this hands down.

  • Madman Defarge

    Rooting hard for the Ziz.