March Madness: The 16 Most Overrated Philosophers are Here

philosophy bracket 16

Update: See the next round, the Overrated 8, here

As the March Madness tournament of overrated philosophers continues, the 16 most overrated philosophers advance into the “Bitter 16.” The previous round saw some close calls – Derrida beat Baudrillard by 19 out of 2,185 votes, Descartes beat Locke by 22 out of 2,328 votes.

This round has its own painful match ups. Crowd (hated) favorites Slavoj Zizek and Jacques Derrida go head-to-head, while critical theory hater Noam Chomsky goes against unrepentant Nazi Party member Carl Schmitt.

Vote below.

  • clearly an important – sorry – critical poll for philosophy.

  • glasspopcorn

    who voted baudrillard out…

  • Nietzsche vs. Descartes, Adam Smith vs. Thomas Aquinas…Tough calls, tough calls.

    • Omnis Odium

      not tough at all
      I prefer Nietzsche WAY MORE than Descartes, I don’t want to read Descartes, but Descartes has contributed far more to civilization.

      Smith actually tried to understand and describe how REAL things, like market and value, actually worked.

      Aquinas did what, count the fucking feathers on a cherub? Give me a break.

  • TskTsk

    Just the fact that we have heard of Thomas Aquinas tells you that the man is extremely overrated. That guy should’ve never been heard of. He sucks. But then so does Adam Smith. Oh God! Oh God! The PRESSURE!

  • ChrisU

    Adam Smith… tick, tock, tick, tock.

  • Omnis Odium

    oh my god
    whoever voted on these needs a firm slap
    I LOVE Nietzsche, WAY more than Descartes but
    Yeah, no, Nietzsche is more overrated

    Smith over Aquinas? Already annoyed. At least Smith TRIED to build an empirical model for how markets work, even if Marx did better. I mean sure, he had his nonsense “invisible hand of the market”, but it’s a hell of a lot better than anything Aquinas ever did.

    Chomsky is the most cited foreign policy author of all time, and the most important linguist who has ever lived. Anyone who says Chomsky is overrated, is an ignorant fool who hasn’t read Chomsky. Please, go tell ANYONE at MIT that Chomsky is overrated. Go tell that to Alan Dershowitz in his stupid, state apologetic face, and he’ll even say “no, my asshole is still sore from debating Chomsky”.

    Zizek has his shortcomings, but to say he’s overrated in his field, I don’t think it’s accurate. I think you could maybe say his celebrity is blown out of proportion, but that’s more to do with his charisma, than anything he’s done as an academic. As a humanities professor, I don’t see how you can say he’s “overrated”, when he’s absolutely HATED by the majority of western European and American humanities majors and professors. They think he’s problematic, because he doesn’t just cosign away ideals to neoprogressive nonsense that EVERY humanities professor in the US and Western Europe buy into, and try to impose on their students. How can someone as despised as Zizek be overrated?