March Madness: The Overrated 8

philosophy bracket 8
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Update: See the Final Four here

The Bitter 16 wasn’t nearly as close as some other rounds, save for for Michael Hardt vs. Terry Eagleton, with Eagleton skimming by on 24 votes.  The crowd “favorites” are becoming pretty clear: Habermas, Smith and Chomsky all beat their competitors by 600+ votes. Zizek toppled Derrida with nearly 900 votes.

As the Overrated Philosophers bracket nears its end, who will be left in the Final Four?

Vote below.

  • Until now, I was pretty much with the masses…but in these matchups, I’m going for the underdogs: Descartes over Smith, Eagleton over Chomsky. They’re not as likely to come up in a conversation with a facebook friend perhaps, but their words are taken more seriously by people who in powerful circles are considered Moderate and Serious Important Centrist Voices.

    • ChrisU

      Eagleton over Chomsky by a long shot… I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would choose Chomsky over Eagleton… to me it is no contest.

  • Guest

    I’m a bit blown away that people are choosing Chomsky over Eagleton. I can’t help but speculate that many are voting without being aware of Eagleton’s work… probably some of the most overrated material I’ve ever encountered.

  • TskTsk

    To the cheesemongers who want the masses (of doctoral students) to vote Eagleton over Chomsky: a) who gives a shit about Terry? and b) don’t you see that sending Chomsky up will once and for all settle the Zizek/Chomsky debate? Are you here for science or for great gossip, you bastards?

  • finny21

    So tired of Noam. Always hear about him, and his opinion is always crap.

  • Poor Chomsky suffers from celebrity-syndrom. People just click him because they have not heared of Eagleton (their luck).

  • TskTsk

    but we can’t have the Zizek/Chomsky showdown if you cheesemongers also refuse to vote for Zizek. I hate you all so much.

  • Lady Jewelz

    When does the next round start?? Could you please give us some warning ahead of time