New Research Center in Continental Philosophy Launches

dundee university

With the dominance of analytic philosophy in most academic departments,  it’s refreshing to see a new outlet for continental philosophy in academia.

Dundee University, which I’ll safely -and without further investigation – assume was founded by the great “Crocodile,” has announced the creation of its Scottish Centre for Continental Philosophy. The center was founded in conjunction with two other centers, the Scottish Centre for Global History and the Centre for Scottish Culture.

BBC writes:

Jim Livesey, professor of Global History and associate Dean for research and scholarship, said the new programme marked the beginning of an exciting new era for the arts at the university.

He said: “The establishment of these three new centres is part of our wider approach to broadening the expertise of humanities research as well as building on existing strengths across a range of subjects, in this instance English, history and philosophy.

“This dovetails with Dundee’s vision to become Scotland’s leading university and we are very excited to be launching these innovative centres with seminars featuring some of the world’s top emerging researchers.”

According to their website, the Centre for Continental Philosophy hopes to provide regular workshops and seminars on continental philosophy. Dundee University, located in Scotland’s fourth largest city, also offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in philosophy.

You can follow their blog here.