Watch Me: Masculinity and Dominance in Disney Explained in 7 Minutes

In this video from 2007, Sanjay Newton breaks down the masculine tropes in Disney videos. I think it was safe to assume that, like most pop culture, Disney is racist and sexist, but looking back it seems to go above and beyond.

  • tooCents

    “Men’s weakness is their facade of strength; women’s strength is their facade of their weakness.”

    Your theorree critically sucks..

  • Erik

    Wow, I was hoping for something way better. I don’t care what gender the narrator is, this critique is so weakly executed it does more harm than good. For example, it quotes and visually references villains rather than heroes in a way that is not charitable–perhaps even malicious–as to the creator’s intentions. There are far more obvious culprits to dwell on, such as the impossible anatomies of the heroines, etc. Hmmm . . . maybe a simple web search could reveal a better critique of Disney? Looking elsewhere . . .