The Greatest Philosopher of Them All, According to Google

Google auto-complete can often give one insight into the bizarre, bigoted ways of the internet. So much so that UN Women decided to use Google’s auto-complete results to prove how shitty the world is to women.

One Redditor decided to use this approach to find out who was the greatest philosopher. It turns out, everyone is an idiot, with one exception.

Scroll down to find out which philosopher is the wisest of them all..
wittgenstein genius

[H/T Reddit]

  • Bruno Nogueira

    LOL I’m inclined to agree

  • Z. S. B.

    Despite the fact that every one of these philosophers is smarter than anyone who feels compelled to type “…is an idiot” into google, there are some charming results there. Love that Foucault gets structuralism and post-structuralism. And ‘Derrida is a jerk’ is just golden. And, yes, Wittgenstein is a genius, but who puts this in google?! Do these people not have library cards for something?

  • Josh

    Kierkegaard wins

    • Guest

      Thomas Aquinas has him beat.

    • Kevin Rice

      Thomas Aquinas has him beat. He has them ALL beat!

  • Josh Hilde

    @z_s_b:disqus Every great civilization creates a library… the internet is ours

  • Eh

    Socrates doesn’t get an idiot result for me either, neither does Epicurus or Hume among many others.

  • dupontd

    Try ‘was an’.

  • Husam M. BinSasi

    hehe Richard Dawkins

  • Skeletor Farnsworth

    If you leave out the ‘a’ the top result for Wittgenstein is ‘overrated’, which he most definitely is.

  • Google auto complete is always a barrel of laughs. The results can be pretty enlightening (usually towards the negative end of the spectrum).

  • Eric E

    Socrates wins the Internet, as he did in life and death