This BBC Radio Segment on Foucault is Awesome

young foucault

If you’re one of the many students returning to college/university for the upcoming semester, you may feel the urge to incessantly name-drop Michel Foucault to make up for the fact that you have done absolutely none of the class reading. And if you were worried about not actually having read any of his major works, don’t fret, because BBC Radio has just released a great 28-minute segment recapping the work and life of the French poststructuralist.

The segment is presented by Laurie Taylor, a sociologist, and features critical theorists Stephen Shapiro, Vikki Bell and Lois McNay. The trio has authored an impressive list of books on Foucault, including “How to Read Discipline and Punish,” “Interrogating Incest: Feminism, Foucault, and the Law” and “Foucault and Feminism.

You can listen to the segment here.