Around the Web: Articles to Read This Weekend

This week, Slavoj Zizek and Noam Chomsky continued bickering, Verso launched a “Radical Thinkers” video series with The Guardian and McKenzie Wark’s Kickstarter got funded.

Here are some other great article that we didn’t cover.

  • Did Thomas Mann farm out a New York Time’s review of “The Dialectics of Enlightenment” to his son because he couldn’t understand it? Probably not, but Boston University’s James Schmidt is determined to quash the 40-year-old rumor.
  • bell hooks talks to Jet Magazine about the Zimmerman trial, noting that “we can’t combat white supremacy unless we can teach people to love justice.”
  • What’s being an anarchist in Palestine like? Joshua Stephens covers the challenges they face, including nationalism and patriarchy.
  • Ian Hacking reviews the DSM, its failures, and its dependence on outdated models of botanical taxonomy.
  • David Erik Nelson has a lengthy discussion with Noam Chomsky about linguistics.
  • David Perry argues that more academics should take up writing in mainstream publications, despite the inevitable influx of trolls.