Watch Alain Badiou Explain Money

Last week, The Guardian and Verso’s “Radical Thinker” series helped elucidate the work of important critical theorists in short 3-4 minute videos. In the spirit of short and concise educational videos, here’s Alain Badiou explaining the function of money and desire in capitalism.

The video is the work of “Bioecon TV”, which has been “coming soon” since last year.


[Via the P2P Foundation Blog]

Correction – The originally headline of this video referred to the video as 2 minutes in length. That video is available here, but not embeddable. The above video is from the same interview.

  • sbean

    interesting. It seems that it will be difficult for many to grasp that exchange (as we conceptualize it currently) is unnecessary. The “organization” he referred to would be unnecessary as well. Ending the use of money and exchange would be what it would be as people made the obvious choices for themselves. Some would act out of confusion while others would act out of clarity.

  • VTinos

    To be honest, this merely contains only the obvious. The critic of money is however completely mistaken: even though he is not aware of it, this is not money that he criticizes here, but the arbitrary creation of money. This is the aspect to be questioned. Money itself is not hurting anything or anyone.