Zizek Opera

The Zizek Song Mash-Up You Never Wanted

We’ve all seen Barack Obama “singing” “Call Me Maybe” and some good old fashioned Katy Perry. Now, critical theory is getting its own mashing up.

Presented without further comment is Slavoj Zizek singing “The Great Pretender,” originally by The Platters.

Now if someone can make one of Zizek singing “Gangnam Style”, my life would be complete.

  • Federico Simonetti

    Oh, God… Why!!??

  • Austin St Peter

    Never wanted. Tried always wanted. Around these parts, we enjoy our ideology.

  • ┼Żana Geistarbeiter

    if a liar says he’s a liar, is he telling the truth or is lying?

  • Erik Roby

    I would like to see and hear Zizek’s reaction to this.