Truth in Design: Lorem Ipsum Gets a Nietzschean Upgrade

If you are one of the many graphic designers, web developers, or general “creatives” who endlessly plug away for no health insurance and soul-crushing pay, you’ve problably encountered “Lorem Ipsum,” the Latin text used to fill space in mock designs for websites and magazine.

Lorem Ipsum, aside from graphic place-holder, happens to be from Cicero’s “On the Ends of Good and Evil.” Lorem Ipsum generators used by designers randomize the text to rob it of meaning, as if the graphic design industry were some sort of nihilist conspiracy.

lorem ipsum chipotle
A new site generates the same gibberish designers need, but with a better source: Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche Ipsum is great for creatives who wants to creep out their bosses with placeholder text that reads:

Eternal-return pious sexuality gains spirit of insofar of law strong burying. Strong pinnacle contradict of god horror convictions zarathustra ocean faith.


Right ubermensch philosophy god self decrepit merciful.

Check out the site here and generate your own.