This Song About Heidegger is Awesome

We have no idea what this video is saying, other than random phrases we recognized from italicized portions of Being and Time. Nevertheless, it’s awesome.

Update: a Facebook fan has offered us this translation:

What is being? What is being? What is the question about the sense of being? What is being? What is being? What is the sense of being? Asking this question has, as a questioning of natural being, aspects of the questioned, the content of the question, and the object of the question – and as the questioning activity of a being entity itself the character of being. Asking this question is a mode of being of a being entity, which each of us is him- or herself. That means the Being of this being entity is a part of me. And in this Ofmineness, which is the purpose of this being entity in its Being, there is one characteristic of Thereness (Dasein). All specificity (so-ness) of this being entity is primary Being. Therefore, the word “Thereness” (Dasein) does not express the “What,” such as table or stone – But its being [repeats]. There Heidegger was once again right. Thereness is a being entity which, in its Being, acts towards this Being in an understanding way. And its structure of being, the Being-in-the-World, raises the question regarding the worldliness of the world, regarding the surrounding character of the surroundings, the in-ness of Being-Inness, the worldliness of the environment, the so-called environmentalness, all the stuff in its stuff-wholeness. Because there is always a stuff-wholeness attached to the Being of stuff, in which it can be this stuff, which it is. … No, this is going too far.. Let’s all do: Heidegger, Heidegger [repeat] I’m heideggering you to pieces, heideggering you up the Black Forest, and back down again, heideggering your balls and ramshackle skulls open. Heideggering you along the wall, heideggering you so small, heideggering you back to the start, back to the question regarding the meaning of being, the meaning, the meaning of Being… There Heidegger was once again right [repeat].