The Best Article Name Ever: Apocalypse Meow

Apocalypse Meow

Capitalism Nature Socialism, which has a website worthy of Geocities (seriously, there’s an animated globe icon, look at that shit), published a new issue last week.

Among a host of other awesome looking articles is this gem: Apocalypse Meow.

The article, written by Rosemary-Claire Collard, centers on Derrida’s ramblings from The Animal That Therefore I Am, or as we like to call it: My Cat Watched Me Poop And I Liked It. You can read the first page of the article here.

The issue also features Socialism and Settler Colonialism on Great Turtle Island, which is free. All the other articles are restricted to those with a subscription, for now. Journal issues are free after 18 months of their original publish date.


  • Another few paragraphs, more or less along the same lines, from Badiou’s eaielrr work, (page 78):Today, the word ‘democracy is the principal organiser of consensus. It is a word that supposedly unites the collapse of the socialist States, the putative well-being enjoyed in our countries and the humanitarian crusades of the West. In fact, the word ‘democracy’ concerns what I shall call authoritarian opinion. It is forbidden, as it were, not to be a democrat. More precisely, it stands to reason that humanity aspires to democracy, and any subjectivity suspected of not being democratic is regarded as pathological. At best it refers to a patient re-education, at worst to the right of military intervention by democratic paratroopers. Thus democracy necessarily elicits the philosopher’s critical suspicion precisely insofar as it falls within the realm of public opinion and consensus. Since Plato, philosophy has stood for a rupture with opinion, and is meant to examine everything that is spontaneously considered as normal.