• Witty. Perhaps the “yes-but” here is that if the phone booth is an allusion to Camus’s “The Stranger”, a close reading of that text might reveal that the authentic man never actually enters the phone booth. He stands outside and is struck by how ridiculous the gestures of the man inside look when you can’t hear what’s going on and have no idea what sort of personal tragedy is unfolding. Which just might suggest that authenticity is less about sincerity than it is about closing the door on the feelings of others.

  • VagueSuperset

    agree with Torn in a different way, authenticity as sincerity is a facile reading. If existence proceeds essence, then how can there be an authentic core of self to be true to? Authenticity is therefore more of a mindset than a set of actions in alignment with some ‘real’ feelings for even these may not be ‘real’. For instance the couple on the date could have found each other to be not attractive due to further external societal and psychological forces. What they ‘really’ want is not a question that has an easy answer. Whereas either could have maintained their insincere initial actions but still be authentic if they did these with their ‘eyes open’ to the reasons behind them.

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