Philosophy Bingo – The Latest Innovation in Classroom Slacking

Invented for Reddit, but probably more fun in your philosophy class.

Here’s how it works. You and your friends print out a copy before your philosophy class. Mark each square whenever a classmate performs a listed action. For instance, if a classmate says “I really believe Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, the one true philosophy, mandates an anarcho-capitalist society,” you would make the two corresponding squares. The center square can either be a free space, or filled in whenever a classmate says something that can be classified as a crock of shit.

When you fill an entire row (including a diagonal row), you yell “Bingo!” (or maybe “Bullshit!”) and promptly get thrown out of your class.

Now to waste all day tomorrow creating the vastly superior “Critical Theory Bingo.”

philosophy bingo[H/T Reddit]


  • Ben Leeds Carson

    I’ve never been to this site before one minute ago and so I feel it might be useful to its curators if I offer a perspective based on nothing more than that minute of experience. It seems to me you define critical theory as fundamentally masculine. Not only do you make a point of trinitizing three forefathers, you abstract their images to suggest that by their essences alone they achieve this infallibly seminal (pun intended) status, and you emphasize as the primary icon of those essences, their facial hair. Neither a revelish layering of irony, nor an utterly reasoned sincerity of reverence, could excuse you from a chorus moaning “oh grow up will you?”

    • Critical Theory

      Hi Ben, I’ve answered this question multiple times elsewhere, but as you’re new, here’s the brief story. The designs were done gratis by a friend who was supposed to make a list of other faces including Arendt, Fanon, Angela Davis, and others. That friend has a full time job, and has since been unable to complete them. It’s rather uninteresting.

      But I don’t understand how anything of this childish. Patriarchal and racist sure, but i don’ think it’s childish at all.

      • Byzantine

        Is the middle one Nietzsche or Benjamin?

        • Critical Theory