There’s a Noam Chomsky Graphic Novel in the Works and it Looks Amazing

chomsky comic 2

An artist and a PhD candidate are currently attempting to fund and create a graphic novel based on an interview with famed anarchist Noam Chomsky. llustrator Luke Radl and writer Jeffrey Wilson are working on the project, to be released by AK Press.

A graphic novel about a dude talking sounds kind of boring, but Radl and Jeffrey plan on making it interesting by injecting illustrate scenes of the many historical events Chomsky peppers into his arguments.

Their Indiegogo explains:

The graphic novel is based off an interview Jeffrey conducted with Noam Chomsky in the summer of 2012. Chomsky is well know for being generous with his time and granting numerous interviews over the years. Despite the volumes of Chomsky related material available, few publications have researched and elaborated on the many references and examples that Chomsky employs.  The purpose of this graphic novel is to do just that!  We take the historical examples used and give them a depth that might otherwise be glossed over. For example, when Chomsky mentioned the Free Speech Movement of the 60’s during the interview, we do the research and take you back to that time period so it is not just a passing reference but a real and dynamic moment.  This work is important because it will offer not only an introduction to the thoughts and insights of Chomsky but the graphic novel form allows us to layer information and move the reader through time and space in unique ways. With your help we intend to create a book that is both accessible to a wide range of readers and insightful!  No easy task, but we are up for the challenge!

The frames created look pretty great. Check them out below, and hit up their Indiegogo to find out more.  They’ve currently raised $2,900 of their $15,000 goal.

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