God’s Not Dead: The Creepy Christian Answer to Nietzsche Starring Hercules

hercules god is dead

When Nietzsche wrote “God is dead” in his 1882 work “The Gay Science,” he most certainly didn’t anticipate being schooled by Christians 120 years later in a movie starring ubermensch Kevin Sorbo, a.k.a. Hercules. But that’s exactly what a soon-to-be released film “God’s Not Dead” hopes to do.

The film features a devout Christian who signs up for a philosophy course in college. The trailer soon reveals that philosophy classes, in the Christian imaginary, are anti-Christian nightmares where every professor (Hercules) is a Richard Dawkins-esque crusader against God. Hercules begins his class by declaring “I would like to bypass senseless debate altogether and jump to the conclusion…there is no god.” He then orders his class to “fill in the papers I’ve just given you with three little words: God is dead.” Because, you know, philosophy.

Of course, the Christian kid can’t, and the film  continues in a David and Goliath showdown between Hercules and the good Christian.

The film is slated to be released in 2014.

Watch the trailer below.

  • Megan

    Why do you term this as the ‘creepy’ Christian answer? What exactly is creepy about it?

    • Foolio

      I’m not the author or anything , but here’s why I find the trailer creepy: It seems like this film misrepresents the way higher education works, presenting it as mindless indoctrination. (Forcing undergrads to publicly denounce their personal faith? Is this really what religious people think happens in college?) I always hear religious conservatives talking about universities as if they are just fundamentalist churches that have replaced the Bible with other books, preaching a gospel of militant secular humanism and moral relativism. This is a false assumption, but it feeds a great deal of hostility toward higher education among the right, which is having some pretty negative consequences, not only for the intellectual health of American conservatism, but also for the nation as a whole. The film also depicts atheists as sneering jerks who only feign atheism because they are angry at God. Some surely are, but that is not exactly a fair representation of atheism. Because it is based on false and destructive premises (not to mention a totally fatuous and superficial understanding of Nietzsche), the film seems like propaganda. Propaganda is… creepy.

      • Hierocrat

        To be fair, though, Nietzsche would probably have been flattered to be portrayed as a corrupting philosophical supervillain.

        • Dain Q. Gore

          As would Ayn Rand. She actually got to enjoy that in her own lifetime, and it was for a work of fiction!

        • Aaron Roland

          He was also a bit crazy by the end of his life… he hated everyone but himself it was kind of funny.

      • Aaron Roland

        While MOST teachers are not like this, i have personally run across teachers who are. All you got to do is talk with the deen about it and the deen will talk with the teacher, and everything works out because the teacher cant legally teach something that is ignorant and intolerant against one religion or another. AT least in state schools, in private schools … have at it. If that doesn’t work then talk with the media… that always seems to put a fire under somones but…

        • Diane Moffatt

          You went to university and you can’t spell “dean”?

          • Puma

            plus its butt not “but” 🙂

        • Ivan Randjelovic

          WTF is “somones”?

    • Dain Q. Gore

      Short answer: It’s a Jack Chick tract made into a movie.

    • Kevin Lopez

      In the movie a pastor sees Hercules dying and praises god for having “saved his soul” on time. Later takes the dead man’s phone to text God’s not dead to all his contacts.

  • stephaniemz

    I watched this trailer and laughed. Had any of my philosophy professors been this animated I might have paid better attention. I remember a lot of boring readings 🙂

  • Bobby Brown

    Laughable though the film may be, philosophers might want to scratch their heads about the fact that some people – christians and right-wingers, to name 2, would feel uncomfortable in their circles. Is there any substance to all the talk about inclusiveness and respect for the other (c.q. Other)? Do philosophers worry about seeming arrogant to some? Do they worry about deterring others from doing philosophy?

    • Dain Q. Gore

      Inclusion is not something humans are good at in general; despite what we believe or find true through evidence, it seems we just become more reinforced or strident in that path when someone challenges it in any way. I think we prefer either/or categories: it makes our brain hurt less.

  • Dain Q. Gore

    Ignosticism seems to be a reasonable answer to the question, yet so few people actually practice it, instead opting to the constant of butting up against the exist/doesn’t exist wall.

    • Aaron Roland

      most professors of philosophy start the course off with that premise and move from there exploring all the different ideas regarding faith and religion. Then move on to thought experiments and what have you. If you get a good philosophy teacher there will be debate.. just not with students against teacher… but student against student. its rather entertaining.

  • hanntonn

    I think the producers exaggerated the teacher’s intolerance to make the movie more entertaining. Most probably, even a teacher that would hold such views would not be so obvious about it because it’s politically incorrect. They would probably instead just fail the student. It’s done for the sake of debating. But hey, nothing sells in the cinema if it’s not emotional enough. If it had happened in college, I would have reacted like that student and it would have been fun to debate that subject.


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  • Max Gold

    After watching the trailer I vomited a little in my mouth. Is there no end to the ridiculousness of christian propaganda?

  • sadsies