Noam Chomsky Compliments Alex Jones, Jones Freaks Out on Chomsky

chomsky alex jones

What happens when Noam Chomsky, self-proclaimed anarchist, shows up on a crackpot conspiracy radio show to discuss his ideas? Not a lot apparently, until Chomsky hangs up.

Chomsky appeared on Alex Jones’ radio show, in a clip that was uploaded to YouTube in April, 2013, to discuss his work on propaganda with Jones. Surprisingly, the interview goes pretty swimmingly. Chomsky talks about the manufacturing of consent, Jones mostly agrees with Chomsky while interjecting comments about mind control and the Bilderberg group.

Jones has gotten mainstream attention in the past for being an utterly insane, belligerent, self-aggrandizing asshole. He runs, a wonderful little website where one can learn “3 Ways to Avoid FEMA Camps” and the media’s attempt to cover up “anti-white” hate crimes. He’s also convinced that the world is being run secretly by shadowy organizations like the Bilderberg Group, which is funny because, last time I checked, corporations were pretty much fucking us in plain view.

Jones also likes to scream.

At one point in the generally copacetic interview, Jones asks Chomsky what is to be done against mass media manipulation. And Chomsky, always the gentleman, offers Jones a compliment.

“I think the main solution is the kind of thing you’re doing, I mean people have to be offered the opportunity to, and encouraged to, take the opportunity to think critically,” Chomsky notes. “Not to uncritically accept what you’re told.” Chomsky continues to note that people should not take his words without scrutiny either.

The only tension rises when Jones and Chomsky begin to discuss gun control. Chomsky, who supports gun control, thinks crime can be limited by limiting access to the weapons. Jones vehemently disagrees, citing the banning of guns in London leading to a spike in crime. Chomsky, confused, notes that guns have always been illegal in England. After Jones reminds his audience that all of the “proof” is on, Chomsky tells Jones he would need to look into the matter further.

But after the interview ends, Jones tells Chomsky to “Say hello to David Rockefeller for me!” before ending the conversation. David Rockefeller is alleged by conspiracy theorists to be a leading figure in the creation of the “New World Order.” A fitting insult, for a self-professed anarchist.”There goes Noam Chomsky ladies and gentle,” Jones continues. “He’s a new world order shill.”

Not versed in the insults of yesteryear, I had to look up the meaning of “shill.” It’s “One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle.”

But Jones doesn’t stop there. “I had to spank him there in the end and I certainly enjoyed,” Jones said referring their exchange on gun control.  “And I’ve got twice the brain you’ve got with both arms tied behind my back.” Jones continued to make fun of Chomsky’s “professor voice” and called Chomsky’s staff “elitist.”

Listen to the full interview below

  • Jack

    this is actually from a few years ago, at least 2009

    • Critical Theory

      Thanks. I corrected the text to reflect that the YouTube video was uploaded earlier this year. If anyone has an actual date, that would be grand.

  • Matt Solomon

    Jones proves himself again to be anti intellectual, anti left, and ironically pro capitalist, the very system that has been turning us over…. but apparently its the fault of big government… and for your information it has always been illegal to carry firearms in the UK, I think it is at least a mandatory 5 year sentence for being caught carrying a knife… let alone a gun. Get your facts straight Jones!

    • Gerard Kennelly

      i live in ireland
      in the paper this week
      an ex postman mailed a bullet to a social worker because his pension was delayed

    • Ben

      “but apparently its the fault of big government” Sans sarcasm I don’t see Chomsky absolutely disagreeing with this statement.

  • David Buccola

    Yeah this is actually pretty old.

  • Jeffrey Capshew

    Alex Jones was quite the hypocrite being polite to genuinely brilliant man who was treating Jones with the respect he does not deserve. Alex Jones is a loud and not very bright paranoid.

    • Ben

      One of the ironies is that for all of the free your mind shit he hawks on his spam bin website, the guy’s quick to swallow the liberal pill. I suspect his audience is too cowardly to face their own slavery because it means they would have to do something more than buy his crap and think positive. It’s a shame really because some Infowars listeners (at least in Australia) that I have spoken to are good working class people who might naturally sympathise with libertarian left positions.

  • Cheryl_P

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  • Linda Gautreau

    anyone else agree that Alex Jones is smarter than one of the most brilliant academic minds on the planet? lmao

    • smuggar

      smarter actually.

      • Marc Krovetz

        Do you think Einstein was a reptilian?

      • Cory Foster

        *shakes head at you*


  • smuggar

    i love Alex Jones, he is the real deal.

  • ekam

    yikes @ alex jones

  • ddd


  • ddd

    if the world was perfect, alex jones would be bitching about something. his identity is derived from criticizing others. and he sounds like danny devito. he could literally hire a voice coach, and avoid destroying his vocal cords. its not just a way of speaking, its dysfunctional in terms of vocal chord health. Just hire a singing coach. Oh and alex jones needs to see a psychiatrist. Its sad to listen to. He’s delusional and will bend facts to meet his ends. I personally don’t really give a shit, he’s not even a blip on my radar. I got other things to do and care about, but someone in my family really listens to this guy and I wish I could show how fucked up in the head alex jones is. anyway. And berkey filters have quality control issues.

  • Alex Jones is an interesting case.
    On the one hand he can be, as his critics note, a shrill loudmouth whose rants grate on one’s ears.
    On the other hand, he is undeniably speaking many truths.
    He has to be taken with a grain of salt. But he is not without real value.

  • Camil Gagnon

    Jones has proved times and times again to be a disinformation agent. He cries and calls up to peoples emotions instead of reason. A signature strategy of propaganda. Not mentionning the scam ads on his site and the shitty, overpriced products he sells. He’s dishonest and in the buisness for money. It’s all a scam folks.

  • Ishmael Abraham

    Although Jones is anti-Muslim, we agree with him, that Chomsky’s intentions are questionable because he spreads alarmist propaganda against Pakistan to stop a Christian-Muslim alliance from emerging which will definitely harm the Zionist expansionism which serves gays rights and sexual revolution in the Holy Land, something Jesus peace be upon him does not like in his birthplace.