Jean Baudrillard Goes All William Shatner With Poetry

Open Culture tracked down this gem from 1996:

French post-structuralist philosopher/sociologist Jean Baudrillard—usually identified with his postmodern theories of simulacra—is a little bit of a fringe figure in pop culture. Known to hip academic types and avant-garde-ists, he’s maybe the kind of thinker who gets name-dropped more than read (and he’s no easy read). But in the audio clip above, Baudrillard reads to us, from his poetry no less, while backed by the swirling abstract sounds of The Chance Band, an all art-star ensemble featuring Tom Watson (of The Missingmen), George Hurley (of The Minutemen and fIREHOSE), Lynn Johnston, Dave Muller, Amy Stoll, and guest vocalist, theorist Allucquère Rosanne (“Sandy”) Stone. It’s an odd, one-time, assemblage of artists and thinkers UbuWeb describes as “unbelievable but true!”

Listen to the 12 tracks here.