Time Wise

Here’s 8 Minutes of Tim Wise Shitting on Affirmative Action Opponents

The video is old, but timely. In 2007, Intelligence Squared posted a video of an academic debate that posed the question: “Should affirmative action be abolished?” Arguing in the affirmative is former Cosby Show actor Joseph C. Phillips. Phillips argues that, as a black man, it is offensive to posit that he needs special treatment to get ahead in life. You can watch that video here.

What entails is an 8 minute smack-down by anti-racist activist Tim Wise. Wise, a high school debater who refers to the activity as a breeding ground for white supremacyputs his debate skills to use and demolishes the opposing arguments. Watch below.

  • Dan

    To me, Affirmative Action is a bandaid approach to combating white privilidge. It can’t hurt and is certainly needed imo. However, take for example, the city of Atlanta Georgia where there is a large black middle class. I’m sure that the blacks living in middle to upper middle class black neighborhoods and working for successful black owned businesses could not care less about white privilidge. They have created their own privilidge. African Americans must make their own privilidge. Pull themselves up by the bootstraps as a culture and take what is rightfully theirs.