Don’t Ever Take Dating Advice from Friedrich Nietzsche

From 2003, a short film follows a young student who is haunted by the ghost of Friedrich Nietzsche as the specter  insists on providing life and relationship advice to his young pupil.

We couldn’t find much on the twenty-minute film, but it’s titled “My Friend Friedrich,” and it seems to have been a senior project at NYU’s Tisch School of Arts.

The protagonist (Nathan Gorelick) is now a professor at Utah Valley University in English Literature. Unless there are two Nathan Gorelick’s running around who look exactly the same, and this is all some crazy coincidence.
nate gorelick

[Via Reddit]

  • Edward Sky

    Thanks for posting. It gave me a great laugh this morning.

  • Jacob Aaron Morris

    Stopped watching after the couch scene, but why should we not take his advice? Seemed pretty legit to me.

  • Jarrod

    Nintendo speed runs are the ultimate expression of eternal recurrence

    • Gregory Everette Huffman

      So it goes.

  • Lucian Tion

    Seems to have been shot on the Barnard College campus…

  • rodger

    this is hilarious. Ravage her, ravage her.

  • Autarchic Flux

    Yikes. “Existence is meaningless?” Seems these filmmakers have never read any Nietzsche at all. How does popular culture so consistently fail to grasp even the barest tenets of his actual philosophy?

    • Gregory Everette Huffman

      Was thinking the same thing. Not sure how excusable it is to misunderstand Nietzsche’s fight against nihilism as giving it credence.

      • Sethiuss

        Becuase God is dead bla bla bla

  • Aline Matos

    Very good!!!