The Right-Wing Response to Satanic Philosophy Departments Just Grossed $52 Million

Back in October of 2013 we reported on the film “God’s Not Dead,” the creepy Christian answer to Nietzsche starring Hercules (Kevin Sorbo).  The film tells the story of a devout Christian student as he stands up to his tyrannical philosophy professor who insists that all students declare, in Nietzschean fashion, that God is dead on the first day of class.

The film opened last month on March 21st. The film placed fifth for its first two consecutive weeks at the US box office, proving once and for all there really is no god. To date it has grossed over $52 million.

According to PluggedIn, philosophy Professor Hercules is portrayed as an evangelist of unbelief, pushing the works of Michel Foucault, Richard Dawkins and Albert Camus onto his students.

Unfundamentalist Christians, a blog for people of faith who aren’t insane, took some jabs at the ridiculous tropes of non-believers in the film, calling it a “right-wing fantasy circus.”

“There’s an anti-religious, vegetarian reporter who ambushes one of the Duck Dynasty crew to get him to admit he kills ducks when he hunts them (a very strange scoop indeed). She ends up with cancer and of course converts.”

They continue to note that the Professor Hercules is shown sipping merlot to classical music “while snobbishly condescending to his Christian  girlfriend.”

Further, they write:

Sorbo opens his philosophy class by declaring they are going to “bypass debate”—even though debating philosophical positions is the entire point of the discipline of philosophy. Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist, is treated as though he is an academic philosopher (he’s not) and the professor’s students apparently read his mass paperback “The God Delusion” as though it’s an academic text (it’s not).”

At the end of the film, viewers are told the film is inspired by dozens of real life court cases involving God-hating universities targeting students. Audience members are even pointed to legal advocacy group should they face such persecution in their own philosophy classes.

In the meantime, if you’ve received any amusing complaints about the teaching of Nietzsche, Foucault, or any other despicable atheist philosophers, feel free to anonymously forward them along to

Or just watch the trailer below.



  • TJPW

    I did have an atheist professor who had my class on Science and God read Dawkins’ ‘God Delusion’. For what that is worth.

    • James Ryman

      I had a Christian professor who assigned that in a philosophy of religion class…

    • Collin237

      A class called “Science and God”???

  • Guest

    I had a Christian professor have us read that in a class…

  • Brigadon

    Fine article from a devout atheist
    I guess the cult of Dawkins had a blow struck against it. So sad, when the people you pick on pick back.

    • Ah, the Cult of Dawkins! Who spend Sunday mornings at un-church, singing un-hymns and un-praying.

      • Brigadon

        No, instead they assure people with absolute faith that god does NOT exist, that fetuses do NOT have souls, and that evil is relative. They spend their time crusading against christianity instead of helping others, and donate millions to destroy art in public places that may only remotely relate to religious themes.

        By their fruits shall you know them.

        • John Smith

          Yeah, not like good christians that help in africa, that teach people how homosexuality is a sin worth killing someone for. Praise them for spreading aids with help of condom burning. Oh well fuck those niggers, amirite?

          • Brigadon

            hmmm, you mean like atheism killed 180 MILLION people in china and has murdered over 50 million babies in the united states alone? And have you noticed that despite 70 years and over two trillion dollars supposedly spent to help in africa, the standard of living has not increased even by a fraction in the last hundred years, besides what was done by the christian missionaries?

            And yes, homosexuality is a sin. If you can explain to me how anal sex somehow HELPS humanity, I might disagree with it… and Aids is spread primarily through intercourse. Unlimited liscentiousness and homosexuality are the greatest boons to HIV in existence.

            As far as killing homosexuals, why bother? They do that to themselves. And please, explain how the government spending ‘foreign aid’ money that isn’t really theirs is somehow better than churches spending Willing donations on similar causes?

    • tjrc

      If you ever have a philosophy class like this, get your money back. It’s crap.

  • SamuelRossLee

    If you’re going to college to have then confirm your religious beliefs, then you’re there for the wrong reason. In college you should be learning how to think critically, write effectively, and speak clearly. You should also be learning how to learn.

    If you develop those skills, then your beliefs will take care of themselves.

    • tjrc

      Yes. That is putting the horse before the cart, right where it should be

  • Seth Edenbaum

    Of course the problem with proclaiming that God is “dead” is that it’s in the language of loss, intoned with high seriousness by former priests of God now priests of Godlessness. Nietzsche is interesting less for his atheism than for his description of the trauma of atheism on the intellectual class. The proper answer to “God is dead!” is, “Who?”

    I wrote “Of course” because if it weren’t for the desire of philosophers to imagine their ideas outside history it would be obvious. You can trace the history of the teenager to about 1810; that would place Nietzsche one of the first geniuses of adolescent angst. The problem with adolescent genius is that whatever else it is it’s immature.
    On Dawkins:

    again: simple

  • tjrc

    If that’s your philosophy class…demand your money back and transfer. Having a guy preaching his conclusions at you is not philosophy.