The Only Explanation of Baudrillard You’ll Ever Need

If you’re like most people, your first experience with the musings of Jean Baudrillard and his work Simulacra and Simulation left you deeply confused. But fear no more, because the open-access journal Continent published the definitive guide to learning Baudrillard in 2012.

While we strongly encourage you to read the whole article, here is a brief meme-filled summary.

What is a simulacrum?

Bob Ross Baudrillard Meme

Bob Ross Baudrillard GIF

BOOM. Fucking truth bomb. You’re like, “What’s a simulacrum?” It’s Latin for copying shit. Like painting pictures of God, V-Card Mary, the Holy Fucking Ghost. Except that I’m gonna be the first to say that maybe those copies end up turning into their own reality, one that you might even call “hyperreal.” Oh, and I might also point out that this is because there is no God.

Is that too much to handle? Then you’re fucked, because right about now, I’m gonna let you know that the quote up above from Ecclesiastes ISN’T EVEN IN THE FUCKING BIBLE. The lesson here is to be skeptical or be a dumbass. Just because I wrote it doesn’t mean shit.

And then?

Poop Back and Forth Baudrillard

The Jesuits, who are like the Mars Volta of religion, actually based all of their politics on the disappearance of God. They liked to mess with people’s consciences—POOF—God disappears and all of a sudden He turns into political power. Shit just got real, huh? Behind all those old pictures of God, besides the back of the painting and the wall, is the ghostly shadow of politics. Yup.

Maybe what’s always been at risk is that images are murderous motherfuckers. Images just can’t be representations of the Real with a capital R, buddy. You can’t get them to agree on shit. All Western religious faith, or faith in general, was stupid because the dumbass masses believed that a picture of God could give somebody the divine orgasm of spiritual connection. An idea like that requires the actual existence of God as the cashier in a holy transaction. Well, guess what—God quit Safeway about a year ago and now you have to use that self checkout thing that seriously ends up taking twice as long as having somebody do it for you. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that if you can make a picture of God, then God ain’t shit to begin with. The feeling the first time you carve a chick out is real, but you can’t fucking draw that. If you could, it’d be pretend. Just like God. What you end up with now is this big Human Centipede of fake shit where simulacra eat each other’s poop and then poop it into other simulacra’s mouths and the poop goes around and around.

And “The Matrix”?

Baudrillard Matrix Meme

Via Continent.

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  • Gabriel Chase

    Interesting summary. Loving the gif at the end there!

  • Lou Lou

    f*cking gold! i joined this site just so i could comment, that shit is priceless and will help with my exam

  • silver fox

    wow…..has to be authentic…..he’s wearing a cool thingy on his head. wow. and he must be tall too, I have to like, look up at him. and that disdainful stare with the cigarette……hey……I feel so insignificant……fking cnt fk moron. I use vowel-less filth in deference to ancient Hebrew.

  • Stacy Benjamin

    Dear God Thank you for the explanation. Trying to reply to my proff about Baudrillard and simulcrum and was feeling really dense!

  • Soap Donkey

    Or an animated way of looking at things…

  • Mike Namaste

    “Just because I wrote it, doesn’t mean shit…” Agreed! You don’t know shit. I was sent to church and raised a bible thumper. I even got a 4-year bachelor degree from Bible college to become a youth pastor. Then during grad week, I said fuck it and left the Christianity completely because I finally admitted the truth to myself- that the church (and much of the bible) was fucked. I spend a number of years searching. I wanted to find truth but I was confused and lost for so long. My despair got even worse as my research taught me the truth about the evils of global socio-economic system. I looked into so many things and at one point I even called myself an atheist for about a week. Then I realized that atheists are the biggest idiots (yes, I am including some intelligent “educated” and “respected” people in this group of idiots.) If I lived my life before Edwin Hubble came along, I might believe that there are no galaxies beyond this one because that is all I can see with my eyes. But, like an atheist, I’d be ignorant of the truth. Most people who think they are atheists are actually agnostic – that is they believe there is no way to know if God exists or not. This is where I eventually settled for a long time. But deep down, something told me there was something more than what I knew. It took time but I kept searching and eventually I discovered information that lead me to the most intense TRUE spiritual experiences that I always wanted to have in church but never did. Do I know everything? Hell no! What I know probably just scratches the surface of The Great Mystery. But I know more than atheists and agnostics. (KNOWLEDGE defines as awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation) I tell you this not to convince you of anything. I can’t change your mind just like you can never take away my KNOWLEDGE. It doesn’t matter what you or I believe. You are connected to the Divine. Your soul is immortal. N.oone E.ver R.eally D.ies. Just because you can’t remember your experiences before infancy, doesn’t mean you didn’t exist. You are on this planet at this time (aka the Present, the here and now) because you have things you need to learn and experience (and help others learn or experience). You are still reading this RIGHT NOW for a reason. Know that you are never alone! If you talk to “God” or your angels/spirit guides/higher self, you might think you are just talking to yourself. But trust me! Someone is listening. MEDITATE!!! This will bring you more in tune with your true self. Peace, love and DMT! ♥♥♥