Sweet Jesus, Another Noam Chomsky Film is in the Works

Noam Chomsky is getting his fair share of attention lately. The famed anarchist is the subject of an animated documentary, a forthcoming graphic novel and countless interviews. Additionally, IMDB credits Chomsky as appearing in 4 forthcoming documentaries. Now, another film dedicated to Chomsky is in the works.

Requiem for the American Dream” features Noam Chomsky discussing how the financial elite have “reshaped social and economic policy to serve their own interests” since the 1970s.

The three Brooklyn filmmakers have raised $12,000 of their $30,000 goal to cover post-production costs.

Watch the trailer below.

[H/T Upstart]

  • Zachary Stockill

    Very interesting. Looking forward to this one…

    though it remains impossible to one up Zizek.

    • ChrisU

      …uhhh… yeah. I’ve got to very strongly disagree with that one.

      It’s quite easy to one-up Zizek. especially if you are Noam Chomsky.

      • Jacques Shellac

        Noam Chomsky is Marxist Jesus. His devotees will lap up anything he puts in their trough, no matter how fascist or stupid it is. That’s why he’s a millionaire.