Submit Your Papers: Indigenous Art, Aesthetics, and Decolonial Struggle


Call for Papers: Indigenous Art, Aesthetics, and Decolonial Struggle


Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society invites submissions from scholars, artists, and activists for a new issue of the journal exploring Indigenous art, aesthetics, and decolonizing struggle, guest edited by Jarrett Martineau (University of Victoria, Cree/Dene), in conjunction with the Editors of Decolonization.

This issue invites us to consider the role of cultural production in decolonization, and to rethink Indigenous and decolonial art and aesthetics as creative action nurtured by community and closely connected to the decolonization of self, society, and land. The issue will explore and challenge colonial conceptions of art and power, and ‘ground’ decolonial aesthetics and creative praxis in both the physical lands and imaginative spaces of continued Indigenous presence.

As always, we are interested in papers that connect theoretical discussions with active decolonization work by engaging the intersections of theory, art and practice. We encourage submissions that draw from personal, experiential, and subjective locations, as well as submissions that focus on contemporary forms of creative expression including, but not limited to: visual art, performance, literature, new media/internet art, music, film, and design.

This issue invites contributors to consider the following questions:


– What are the connections and relationships between art, activism, resurgence, and resistance?

– What is the role of cultural production in decolonization? How might art contribute to the revitalization of Indigenous nationhood?

– How can art be used to disrupt normative orders and political status quo?

– How is Indigenous artistic creation connected to history, land, and community? How might art be seen as decolonization, particularly in light of the challenges brought forth by Tuck & Yang (2012) around decolonization and its incommensurable meaning/goals?

– How might art and aesthetics, born out of particular locations, Indigenous communities and nations, enable practices of solidarity and alliance to be forged in creative ways?

– What are the intersections between gender and decolonial or Indigenous art and aesthetics?

– How does art create, speak to, and emerge from alternative spaces that contest global capitalism, colonial violence, and imperial expansion?

– How is art used to challenge, unmake, or reconstruct borders?

– How can artistic production contribute to Indigenous and decolonial futures?

– In what ways does art occupy or create contested spaces of ambivalence, between aesthetic production and politically contentious creativity?

Contributions are to be submitted at no later than December 6th, 2013. Selected articles will be published in our May 2014 issue.

Articles should follow our journal style guidelines, which can be found here. Scholarly articles are subject to a double-blind peer review and details can be found here. Submitted contributions may also include papers, visual art, audio, video, poetry or personal narratives that challenge the boundaries of scholarly production, either integrated with/in an article or as stand alone pieces.


Beyond this specific call for papers, Decolonization is also accepting general submissions at this time. If you have a submission that fits our general goals and guidelines, please feel free to submit it for review.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]