New (Free) Issue! International Journal of Baudrillard Studies

Baudrillard Matrix Meme

The International Journal of Baudrillard Studies has just released their January, 2014 issue.

Does that mean this journal is capable of time travel? Can we really determine what  is future in our world of simulation and hyperreality?

Check out the table of contents below, or visit their website.

Volume 11, Number 1 (January, 2014)

Table of Contents

Provocation is an attempt to make something visible through contradiction, through scandal, defiance; to make something visible that should perhaps guard its secret (Baudrillard, The Singular Objects of Architecture. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2002:16).


An Interview with Mike Gane by Paul O. Mahoney



Thorsten Botz-Bornstein. Revelation and Seduction: Baudrillard, Tillich, and Muslim Punk

Alan Cholodenko. (The) Death (of) The Animator, or: The Felicity of Felix

John Iliopoulos. Baudrillard and a Short History of Psychiatric Photography

Sean McQueen. Remote Control Society: Baudrillard and Inversive Utopia

Keith Moser. The Ubiquity of the Simulated Object and the Search for Happiness and Identity in a Globalized, Hyper-real World

William Pawlett. Baudrillard’s Duality: Manichaeism and The Principle of Evil

Alex Wade. Social Metaphors and Meaning in Fourth Order Simulacra


Undergraduate Thesis Deploying Baudrillard

Lucy-Jayne Bloomer Davies. Rethinking ‘Food Pornography’: The Media and the Critical Illusion


Referencing Matters

Paul O. Mahoney. On Baudrillard’s Uses of Elias Canetti


From the Web [A listing of things ‘Baudrillard’ roaming in cyberspace]