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The Overrated Champion Has Been Crowned

philosophy bracket finals
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In the finals of the overrated philosophers bracket, Noam Chomsky beat out Adam Smith for the title of most overrated philosopher by 112 votes. Over 100,000 votes were cast in total during the course of the entire bracket.  Noam Chomsky, through all of his match-ups, garnered 7,433 votes.

Chomsky defeated Jurgen Habermas, Terry Eagleton, Carl Schmitt, Jean-Paul Sartre and Peter Kropotkin before advancing to the finals.

In the finals, Noam Chomsky battled it out with Adam Smith to win the title of most overrated philosopher.  While Smith is mostly known for his economic work, he is also widely read for his moral philosophy.

And while Noam Chomsky is predominantly a political commentaror and linguist, Chomsky’s contributions to philosophy are notable. Besides his debate with Michel Foucault on human nature, and his criticism of positivism in philosophy. He has also been a fierce critic of continental philosophy and psychoanalysts like Jacques Lacan and Slavoj Zizek.

  • olofnoaksson

    Can’t believe people choose Chomsky before Smith. Fucking whole of western society derives their mad free market dogma from Smith. I mean sure, in group full of modern leftist, I’m sure many overrate Chomsky, but that’s a very small number of people compared how many still use the same old smithian economic argument.

  • Omid Roshandel

    facing living zizek and talking about others, ridiculous !
    even Mig Mig , Pink Panther and my poor blind grand mother are talking about him.I feel like a runner who passes the edge and keep running in the sky but suddenly looks down under his feet and sees there’s no zizek in Finals!!n fail.
    just can’t believe this, not fair

  • TskTsk

    moderator (or whatever you call yourself), you don’t have to write a justification for why you included Smith and Chomsky among philosophers. we all know you fucked up and we forgive you. because we need you.

  • Chris Utzig

    yeah. I’ve lost a lot of respect for this community seeing Chomsky come out ahead in this competition. I hate to say it, but I’m outta here…. clearly a lack of actual critical theory lurking in this community.

    it’s unfortunate. but I’m glad I found out at some point.

    Best to you all.

  • chomsky_is_god_embodied

    Really?!? Chomsky?!? He practically developed the contemporary field of linguistics. And though Noam’s analyses are critical they are no where near the insanity of true “critical theorists”. It is interesting me that the two finalists are the individuals who are the least appropriate for being defined as critical theorists. There are some fucking bullshit hacks in this discipline and Chomsky is certainly not one of them. I am voting for Adam Smith due to his over-rated philosophy on markets and capital. Zizek has mastered the use of the double negation, thus causing all the idiots of the today to think he is actually talking about something. Zizek should be the most over-rated on here.

    • DatBus

      Er uh… nah.

  • Connor Syrewicz

    wow, the self-righteousness of these comments is seriously underwhelming. Please people, actually try to take the fun out of this. I don’t think you have done that yet….clearly a lack of actual self-righteousness lurking in this community.

    it’s unfortunate. but I’m glad I found out at some point.

    Best to you all.

    • Omid Roshandel

      actual self-righteousness?… seriousness?
      it’s unfortunate. but I’m glad I haven’t found it yet at any point.

      • mr pan

        the only self-righteousness is ironically from Omid

  • Solfarse

    Are people voting for Chomsky? Smith is more quoted out of context than the bible.

  • Chad

    Smith wasn’t even original!

    • noam is god

      by your definition of “original” practically everything anybody has ever done is un-original. Adam Smith used numbers and words to discuss his ideas. Oh geez… he is so un-original.

      • Chad

        brilliant! that’s exactly what i meant by my “definition”.

        • mr pan

          I think that is what guest was implying. you never gave your definition chad.

  • Robert Schardein

    Ricardo was superior to Smith. At least, Marx thought so. It’s almost impossible to overestimate Chomsky’s contributions.

  • Derridalicious

    To all these people whining about Chomsky being the ‘father of modern linguistics,’ I have one word for you. Saussure. Now get over yourselves. Chomsky is the most overrated theorist.

    • noam is god

      Though Saussure did contribute to wide field now understood as linguistics…. I have to say that what Saussure leaves behind is a post-modern critique of the possibilities of language. When we speak of “modern” or “contemporary” linguistics….. that’s largely thanks to Prof. Noam Chomsky during the 1950s. So yeah… shut up.

      • Derridalicious

        7,433 votes concluded that Chomsky is the most overrated theorist. So, yea.

        • mr pan

          7,433 votes on a critical theory website…. so yeah… appropriate… though Chomsky is more respected everywhere else so… yeah… objective justice

          • Derridalicious

            Yes, of course 7,433 votes on Crit Theory site. That was the whole purpose of this. ‘Objective justice’? What is up with you Chomsky fans? Can’t take a bit of fun and games? Jesus Christ.

          • Fairfis

            Now Jesus Christ, thats some overrated philosophical motherfucker!

  • tom77

    Habermas is more overrated than whatshername Friedan??!! American idiots. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

    • noam is god

      the internets isn’t necessarily just the United States. Last time I checked this was a global thing. So…. perhaps your “American Idiots” comment is more of an indictment of your consciousness than a valid exemplification of American cultural deficits. Just a thought.

  • urhokukkonen

    Even better than Chomsky winning this stupid poll, (I mean obviously he’s one of the greats, but I voted for him as well.) are the ludicrous comments left by people actually offended by the result. I would guess that on most people’s minds are Chomsky’s frankly asinine digs at Lacan and Zizek. That was indeed some bullshit-hall-of-fame bullshit, but obviously the man has a priori made up for all that by his other genius stuff.

  • Doug Lain

    I think it’s an overstatement to call Chomsky a “critic of Lacan” or psychoanalysis. Dismissal, even when justified, doesn’t amount to critique.

  • izombiheartzoey

    I can’t believe half of those nutcases are even in the running. Its not a fair fight unless its with fists. Speaking of which, maybe one day we can get a mortal combat styled fighting game with philosopher styled fighters. What would Nietzche’s fatalitity be?

  • Wes the red

    I love chomsky, he certainly isn’t right about everything. But then again neither is zizek.

  • DatBus

    He refused to debate Sam Harris because he was frightened that Sam would expose the stupidity and anti-Western he’s managed to obfuscate with his vocabulary for so long.