• Sebseb

    Remark: Why would homosexuals not conveniently fit in the binary of man and woman? Or do I misunderstand the comment there if I say that there are perfectly masculine and feminine homosexual subjects, i.e. fitting and / or enacting those scripts of signification? Maybe you should edit that bit out, because it seems to buy into a stereotypical script of homosexuality that is constituted on the very same binary that Butler wishes to decenter!

    • JamieB

      I think it’s referring to the constructed idea that a ‘proper man’ or ‘proper woman’ ought to be straight, and only straight – hence why gay people are often mocked by being associated with attributes of a different gender, being effeminate or ‘butch’. LGBTQ people of all descriptions break gender stereotypes all the time

  • It’s inconsistent to suggest that gender is a social construct while using terms such as “male anatomy” in doing so. How symptomatic of cis-centric gender theory.

    • War is peace

      How would you refer to biological beings that have a penis?

  • margolis marmite

    its wonderful to see anarchists doing gymnastics to deconstruct gender.. gender is real, its physical, its mental and its cultural.. You can attempt to leave reality, but you are only confusing yourselves, the rest of us know who we are and we know who you are too 🙂

  • War is peace

    If gender isn’t real or is just performative, then the terms “man” and “woman” refer to sex, not gender.
    Calling any sort of gender role “masculine/male/manly” or “feminine/female/womanly” only has any meaning with regard to it’s relationship with biological sex.

  • Manu

    Identity is a complicated issue.
    … far beyond gender identity.

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