• danmeek

    Hi Eugene. I’m watching and loving these, thanks so much for posting them. As I’m watching however I’m wondering why the three figures in your site banner are all male! Surely we could make a recogniseable silhouette from JButler’s quiff and get some female gender happening in your branding too?

    • Critical Theory

      Hi Danmeek,

      The designs were done gratis by a friend with some design savvy. I had suggested several non-male figures including Angela Davis and bell hooks (Butler was skipped because she seemed to difficult to turn into a recognizable silhouette). Unfortunately, the artist involved has become very busy and hasn’t completed the other suggested silhouettes.

      As for me, I’m entirely incompetent when it comes to art. So for now, we’ll have to stick with the three old white men.

      • danmeek

        Well, that’s disappointing.