Gawker is Literally Hosting the Oppression Olympics

Who’s more oppressed, south Asians or black people? Trans-women or trans-men? Gawker is here to find out!

All good branches of thought have their ad absurdum moment where, following an otherwise sound logic, thinkers are brought to obscene conclusions that legitimate straw arguments against the field as a whole.

For instance, Marxists claiming that not being sexist is a distraction from the revolution, or shitty 2nd wave feminists who claim that trans-women are part of a larger misogynist plot to invade women-only spaces. And of course, the whole host of Tumblr academics who are trying to play the oppression olympics.

The oppression olympics takes a wide array of awesome scholarship about the oppression of non-white, non-heterosexual, non-male, differently abled (and usually poor) folks and takes sides. For example, rather than just admit that oppressions usually piggy-back off each other intersectionally, they insist that one oppression is the foundation for all other oppressions. But which one?

Gawker, possibly in a move of pure-genius trolling, has decided to settle the oppression olympics once and for all. Democratically, of course.

Officially named “The Privilege Tournament,” the oppression olympics has set up a racket divided into multiple axes of oppression: Race, sexuality, religion, physique, gender, disability, socioeconomic and allergies (seriously, Gawker?). Users vote on who has less privilege in each match-up.

Winners of each axis of oppression will go head-to-head to determine once and for all which group has it worse. So the most-oppressed racial identity will go toe-to-toe with the most-oppressed sexual identity, and so on.

oppression olympics gawker

So what are the results so far?

People agree overwhelming that:

  • Native Americans are more oppressed that east Asians (87%).
  • People who are into fucking animals are more oppressed than people with object fetishes (87%)
  • 78% agree that amputees are more oppressed than short people.

70% agree that intersex people are less privileged than cis-gendered males (born as men, live as men). The question remains,  the fuck is wrong with the other 30%? Being a man is so hard, I have to hold the door open for women and have complete control over my reproductive health!

Interestingly,  trans females (male transitioning to female) are agreed to have less privilege (68%) than trans male (females transitioning to male).

Check out the results, and participate, at Gawker.