Free Read of the Day: New Issue of Zizek Studies!

zizek journal

The International of Zizek Studies, an open-access journal dedicated to the thought of Slavoj Zizek, has released it’s latest issue. This issue tackles Argo, Batman, Django Unchained and more.

We’ve reproduced the table of contents below.


The Bomb in (and the Right to) the City: Batman, Argo, and Hollywood’s Revolutionary Crowds Abstract English
Robert St.Clair
Act or Revolution? Yes, Please! Abstract English
Santiago M. Roggerone
“When the Trickster Meets ‘the big Other’ Coyote Goes Cosmic” Abstract English
Linda L. Revie
The Night in which all Dinosaurs wear Nightcaps: a supplement to Zizek’s critique of Meillassoux Abstract English
Josef Moshe

Student Contributions

“Ma fu l’inganno disinganno”: The Basso Buffo as Philosopher Abstract English
Eugene Allen Clayton Jr
Interpellating Django: The Functions of the Gaze in Tarantino’s Django Unchained Abstract English
Abigail Fagan
La importancia del concepto de fantasía en el pensamiento de Slavoj Žižek Abstract Español
Martín Josías Becerra Sánchez

Reviews and Debates

The traumatic limit to realizing Nature English
Greg Dash


A Farsi translation of Žižek’s “The Thing from Inner Space” Farsi
Farhad Alavi