Cody Wilson Talks Foucault With Glenn Beck

In case you missed it, 3D printers are the latest example of Star Trek totally calling the future. So when the devices, which normally produce small sculptures and trinkets, were discovered to be capable of printing fully functioning weapons there was an understandable shit-fit. Liberals and conservatives alike were quick to proclaim our quick plunge into anarchy.

beck foucault

Cody Wilson, a 2nd year law student, designs and freely distributes the designs for these open source weapons. Whether these weapons will fuel the coming revolution or find their way into the hands of the next US-backed dictator, nobody knows.

When Wilson started giving interviews about his designs, it wasn’t too surprising that he turned out to be a crazy libertarian. But what is more interesting is that Wilson, right or wrong, is really into critical theory. In one interview, Wilson starts ripping on Francis Fukuyama’s “end of history” worldview. And in this interview Wilson advises Beck to read Foucault before espousing views consistent with Discipline and Punish.

Wilson started countering Beck’s usually bullshit with a reminder that “there are different visions of totalitarianism” that are consistent with both conservative and progressive state authoritarianism. Beck kindly interjects “I’m not” at the possible conflation with totalitarian tendencies. Wilson then goes on to discuss increasing modes of surveillance and the growth of the police state.

At one point, Wilson labels himself a “principled anarchist”, which sounds like a fitting description for someone who freely distributes guns to strangers.

Who knows, maybe Glenn Beck will read Foucault and turn into a Nazi like these people. Just kidding, Glenn Beck is already a fascist.

Watch the video below. Foucault reference starts at 4:09.