4 Free Articles You Can Read on Academia.edu Right Now

For those of you not on Academia.edu, it’s like Facebook with less puppies, food porn, and out-of-context diatribes about life. Instead, your feed is populated by articles posted by academics you follow and in research interests you’ve specified. If that sounds pretty cool, it’s because it is.

Not only is it a great way to see what your colleagues and adored academics are up to, it’s also a pretty sweet source of free articles. We did some scouring, and here were some notable finds.

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Banu Bargu – Stasiology: Political Theology and the Figure of the Sacrificial Enemy

bargu political theology

Read the full article here.

Thomas Nail – Zaptismo and the Global Origins of Occupy

nail zapatismo

Read the full article here.

Rafi Youatt – Power, Pain, and the Interspecies Politics of Foie Gras

rafi youatt foie grasRead the full article here.

Brad Evans – The Liberal War Thesis: Introducing the Ten Key Principles of Twenty-First Century Biopolitical Warfare

brad evans liberal war thesis

Read the article here.