25 Critical Theory Valentine Cards to Rock Your World

Valentine’s Day is coming, and people everywhere will soon be bombarded with calls to engage in an orgy of consumption and heteronormativity. While some may prefer to rage against the machine and boycott the holiday altogether, even the most revolutionary of significant others will often expect some sort of spectacle to memorialize your affection.

Last year, our Valentine’s Day cards were one of our first hits as a new blog. So we’ve redesigned them and added a few new ones, with more on the way.

Print them out and give them to a loved one, or two,  in lieu of buying things. Or, help support us and buy a Critical Theory Valentine.

Thanks to Taylor Grant for the template design.

Nietzsche Valentine Card Be Mine

Alice Walker Valentine Card
Althusser Valentine Card Interpellation

Baudrillard Valentine Card

  • Ian Mikyska

    What’s up with that last L in “hyperreal”?

    • Critical Theory


  • Peter Hardy

    Last year I made a Marx one which said:


    Let me turn you upside down.

  • Ian Mikyska

    Surely, that should just be “Deleuze you”, without the “to”, no?

  • Zachary Stockill

    These are great.

  • Sean_68

    I do have a soft spot for Althusser but it is a bit sick having him on the front of a valentine’s card

  • Amy Wang

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  • TenishaMikos

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  • axita tandan

    These are wonderful. Good to see your lovely cards.

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  • Ghost

    “I couldn’t bare De-leuze you” would be better.

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