Watch Zizek Explain Why Coke is the Perfect Commodity

In this video from his latest film “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology,” Slavoj Zizek explains why Coca Cola is the perfect commodity. He then turns his attention to kinder eggs, egg-shaped chocolates with a toy in the center.

“It was already Marx who long ago emphasized that a commodity is never just a simple object that we buy and consume. A commodity is an object full of theological, even metaphysical, niceties. Its presence always reflects an invisible transcendence.  And the classical publicity for Coke quite openly refers to this absent, invisible, quality. Coke is the “real thing,” Zizek argues, foregrounded by Coke commercials that urge consumers to “enjoy.”

“It’s not just a positive property of Coke, something that can be described or pinpointed,” he continues. “It’s the mysterious something more. The indescribable excess which is the object cause of my desire.”

“We are obliged to enjoy. Enjoyment becomes a kind of a weird perverted duty. The paradox of Coke is that you are thirsty, you drink it, but as everyone knows the more you drink it the more thirsty you get.”