Listen: Podcast on Transrealism vs. Hyperrealism


Rudy Rucker is a cyberpunk author, a mathematician, and a Transrealist. Known for his book “Ware Tetralogy,” Rucker’s most current book is “The Big Aha.” In this episode of the philosophy podcast Diet Soap the ideas of Transrealism and Baudrillard’s Hyperrealism are juxtaposed through sound clips and audio collage.

Rudy Rucker on Transrealism:

The Transrealist writes about immediate perceptions in a fantastic way. Any literature which is not about actual reality is weak and enervated. But the genre of straight realism is all burnt out. Who needs more straight novels? The tools of fantasy and SF offer a means to thicken and intensify realistic fiction. By using fantastic devices it is actually possible to manipulate subtext. The familiar tools of SF — time travel, antigravity, alternate worlds, telepathy, etc. — are in fact symbolic of archetypal modes of perception. Time travel is memory, flight is enlightenment, alternate worlds symbolize the great variety of individual world-views, and telepathy stands for the ability to communicate fully. This is the “Trans” aspect. The “realism” aspect has to do with the fact that a valid work of art should deal with the world the way it actually is. Transrealism tries to treat not only immediate reality, but also the higher reality in which life is embedded.

Listen below.