Student Council Candidate Runs as ‘Soviet Bear,’ Hilarity Ensues

Student council races, like real democracy, are often a sham popularity contest that teaches our not-yet disillusioned youth that we are impotent in the face of  of Suzy Smith’s march to fascism.

But when I, many years ago, lost my student council bid to the candidate who openly declared his incompetency (is this not a tactic perfected by George Bush?), I didn’t have the power of the internet, memes, or Soviet propaganda.

The following series of photos was posted to Reddit two days ago, and quickly made it to the page. It features a candidate only known as “Soviet Bear” openly trolling other student council candidates.

soviet bear student council 1 soviet bear student council 2soviet bear student council 3soviety bear student council 4soviety bear student cocunil 5See the full album on Imgur.

  • aagebmyr

    I don’t come to Critical-Theory to read about things I saw on reddit two days ago.

  • Jonah Feldman

    One of my friends did this, except with Putin posters. He almost got detention but managed to cite a court case that defended student’s right to free speech. Administrators tend to panic when you mention legal action, so he got away with it. Isn’t it nice to know how our schools help foster creativity. Detention if you deviate from the norm!

    Anyway, props to whoever did this.

    • Asher Larson

      For the record, my Putin posters were dope. so our principal should just shut his capitalist mouth.