Shit Slavoj Zizek Says: A Lesson In Madness

Your friendly guide to random things Zizek has rambled about:

Ideology and Toilets

“I have some anal fixation here”

Zizek discusses how toilet designed is influence by ideology.

Psychoanalyzing his son’s toys.

“Two lesbians, politically progressive”

A clip from the documentary Zizek!, where Zizek discusses the arrangement of his son’s toys.


On Kung Fu Panda

“I admire Kung Fu Panda”

Zizek rambles with Charlie Rose about the kid’s movie Kung Fu Panda.


“I think flowers are something inherently disgusting”

From A Pervert’s Guide To Cinema, Zizek compares tulips to vagina dentata.


  • Durnik Aljosa

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see a place where this criminals such as mr. Slavoj Žužek and its ilk gets to be exposed for what they Really Are and represent….

    ( I have written a large and really good comment on this before…, But of course… I didn’t save it properly I guess and so…, it was probably lost for good as far as I see it…. , Dammit !! … Im new to this disqus obviously…)

    • bobthechef

      It’s okay. We’ve all done it. And frankly, this post and Zizek in general aren’t worth it.

  • Sev

    Seems that people don’t want to make any effort to understand what Zizek is saying and so just jump at rejecting it based on their own self imposed misunderstanding.

    • bobthechef

      Seems like you missed the whole joke and that the joke’s on you. Go crawl back into your pseudo-intellectual cave, you feeble-minded shart.