Listen: Christopher Robin meets Karl Marx in Paris

billy moon

This week I (Doug Lain the host of the Diet Soap podcast) am a guest on the Alpha to Omega Podcast. ┬áThe show starts with a discussion of Karl Marx, but eventually the conversation turns to my novel “Billy Moon” (due from Tor books on the 27th of August). Using this novel as a starting point, the podcast moves from the May 1968 student and worker strikes in Paris, to Henri Lefevbre’s concept of the production of space, to Occupy Wall Street, to feminist literary critique, and ends up discussing my upcoming Think The Impossible book and podcast tour to San Francisco, Chicago, and NYC.

Alpha to Omega Podcast #36: Billy Moon

The Alpha to Omega Podcast is hosted by Tom O’Brien and features interviews with leading figures in the fields of Economics, Peak Oil, Democracy, Politics, Science, and now surreal little novels about boys, their bears, and aborted revolutions.