The International Journal of Badiou Studies is Now a Thing


badiou studies

International journals, they’re giving them to everybody these days. The International Journal of…Zizek Studies! Baudrillard Studies! And now, Badiou Studies! Unfortunately, there is currently no International Journal of Deleuze or Ranciere Studies, because there is no justice in this world.

The International Journal of Badiou Studies just released their second issue ever. The journal is all open-access, much like its Zizek/Baudrillard counterparts.

Each issue features an “invited” paper from a high profile academic . The current issue features one such paper by none other than Badiou himself titled “Affirmative Dialectics: from Logic to Anthropology.” The first issue featured an “invited” paper from Simon Critchley titled “Why Badiou is a Rousseauist.”

From the IJBS website:

The International Journal for Badiou Studies is an international, peer-reviewed, open-source journal dedicated to the philosophy and thought of, and surrounding, the French philosopher Alain Badiou. The editorial staff and board of the IJBS is interdisciplinary across the humanities, with scholars in fields such as Philosophy, Literature and Literary Theory, Cultural Studies, Media Theory, History, and Classics.  We feel that such interdisciplinarity is crucial for understanding thought in the 21st century and its relation to the philosophy of Alain Badiou.

We’ve also reproduced the table of contents from the latest issue for your convenience below.

Table of Contents

Invited Papers

Affirmative Dialectics: from Logic to Anthropology PDF
Alain Badiou 1 – 13


Double interwining of opposites in Alain Badiou’s dialectical theory of the subject PDF
Wenceslao García Puchades 14 – 37
Badiou’s Materialist Reinvention of the Kantian Subject PDF
Andrew Ryder 38 – 59
Towards a Materialist Rationalism: Plato, Hegel, Badiou PDF
Daniel Sacilotto 60 – 98
The Dialectics of Resurrection and the Fascist Hypothesis PDF
Luis Silva Barros 99 – 127

Book Reviews

Remarks on the Margins of Alain Badiou’s, The Adventure of French Philosophy PDF
Adi Efal 128 – 145


A Few Remarks on the Lessons of Gezi Uprising PDF
Özden Sözalan 146 – 151
The protests in Brazil; or How the bus fare became political contradiction PDF
Otávio Luiz Vieira Pinto 152 – 155
Os protestos no Brasil, ou Sobre como a passagem de ônibus revelou contradições PDF
Otávio Luiz Vieira Pinto 156 – 159