Explaining Nietzsche to Five Year Olds

Inspired by the Reddit group “Explain Like I’m Five,” two brave souls explains the philosophical teaching of Friedrich Nietzsche to a group of five year olds. While you would think that children would be enthralled to learn that rules are stupid and you should make your own, most of them roundly reject Nietzsche’s philosophy.

It looks like we live in a world of ressentiment after all. Watch the video below.



  • ozgur

    This is just too bad. It’s kinda shame that they have those teachers who explain existentialism with “Do whatever you want” promise.

    Not cool guys.

  • migs

    I believe this is an unfair introduction of Nietzsche to the children. His works are not that easy to comprehend for you to simplify and present his ideas in that way. Given the depth of Nietzsche’s thoughts, I don’t think one can explain it to children without overlooking some of its crucial details. Thus, you either lopsidedly explain Nietzsche to children or do it the fair way. In both cases, children won’t understand him.

  • ianerc

    Cringe every time I hear that pronunciation of Nietzsche. It’s neet-sha.