• crashpalace

    This is perfect on all levels!

  • ieatpeoplehate

    This is crap. Derrida stole all his ideas from the structuralists and gave it a fancy new name like ‘differance’ but then he got it all wrong. Whoever wrote this probably never had to suffer through 300 pages of that convoluted crap and that hideous preface by Spivak.

    Deconstruction does not equal destruction plus construction. Nowhere is that found in that ridiculous book that everyone pretends to have read, just like atheists have not read the origin of species. To all of you who think this video is any good, please go back to graduate school and tell your professors they have got it all wrong.

  • whynot

    imo, the video got Derrida all wrong. It claims that Derrida asserts that we are entangled in a web of words which defer their meaning to other words and bar us from getting outside of language to the thing-itself. Instead, for Derrida, the thing itself (e.g. the cat) as a natural presence is deferred and unstable, not simply our language about the cat. Of Grammatology states nothing short of that.

    • JC Amorini

      I partially agree with you. Derrida was indeed concerned with language, and at the same time that he emphasized discourse analysis as an instrument was particularly concerned with attempts to reduce everything to language, but he was also, as you point out, concerned with the perpetual instability of everything in general.

  • John Cross

    IMHO anyone who worries about what a so-called person (whatever that is) referred to as “Derrida” (or as I like to say HJGUT JHKL BALEN) has to say about anything (or, rather, nothing) is a KLGUYRTVHBTEN.

  • Вальтер Болты

    This is not Derrida for Plato’s sake! This is Ferdinand Sassure as opossed to Port Royal Grammar. And beyond that, Charles Peirce and his concept of triadic linguistic sign. Deconstructivism is -in his creator words “Science of impossible” o “science of impossibility”- and you should know that there is nothing of grammatology in his work “Grammatology”.Its a joke. There is no possible truth trough language. Just interpretations and myths.