Foucault is Watching You Poop, 10 More Critical Theorists According to Google

Earlier we discovered that Google has found the answer to the question: who is the best philosopher of them all? We also have known, for a while, that the internet is full of hate-filled degenerates with a lot of misdirected angst towards critical theorists.

So, with the knowledge that one can determine popular opinion of most subjects using auto-complete, and with diligent CT readers posting Google inquiries of their own, we decided to see what else Google had to say about our favorite philosophers.

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#1 Foucault is Watching You Poop, Wrong, and an Idiot

foucalt google

#2 Zizek is a Bourgeois Snob, Also an Idiot

zizek google

#3 Noam Chomsky is a Douche, Fool and Genius

noam chomsky google

#4 Ranciere is So Cool (We Agree)

ranciere google

#5 Deleuze’s Sexuality is a Burning Question for the Interweb

deleuze google

#6 Judith Butler is a Bad Writer and an Idiot

judith butler google

#7 Immanuel Kant is a Real Pissant

kant google

#8 Jacques Lacan is a Bullshit, and a Charlatan

lacan google

#9 Karl Marx is a Satanist

karl marx google

#10 Socrates – Man or Cat?

socrates google

Bonus! The Internet’s Most Burning Question about Slavoj Zizek

zizek gogle 2